The 6th tzNOG workshop and the 4th Safnog conference are scheduled to take place in Dar es Salaam from 24th to 29th September 2018. The 4th Safnog Conference will be held at Serena Hotels from 24th to 25th September 2018 preceded by tzNog-6 training at Bank of Tanzania Conference Facilities from 26th to 29th September 2018. The two events aim to bring together network operators from Eastern and Southern Africa.

The Local Host for the joint event will be the Association of Internet Service Providers in Tanzania (TISPA).

Participation to tzNOG-6 workshop will cost TZs 300,000 while participation to Safnog-4 conference will cost  USD 50.


Registration to tzNOG-6 workshop is through the link:

Payment for the SAFNOG-4 conference

1. About tzNOG-6

After 5 successful training workshops held in Arusha (tzNOG1- 2013), Mwanza (tzNOG2-2014), Zanzibar (tzNOG3-2015), Dar es Salaam (tzNOG4 - 2016) and Dodoma (tzNOG5 - 2017), the 6th tzNOG training

will have 2 parallel tracks namely Systems and Networks Security (SNS) and Routing and Switching (R&S). Both Tracks will cover IPv6 basics as well as configuration concepts.

The Track descriptions are as follows:

(i) Systems and Network Security (SNS)

Workshop Goals:

This workshop will briefly introduce ways to benchmark your Systems and Infrastructure by using various Monitoring tools and then focus on security from the network perspective (ingress, egress filters, BCP 38, network intrusion detection, network traffic) as well as from the server side (proper admin procedures, firewalls, secure services, etc.).

Who should attend:

The workshop targets Network and System administrators who are interested in learning best practices for maintaining a secure and stable operating environment. Labs constitute about 60% of the course.

Workshop Requirements:

A laptop (NOT tablet) with wireless capability

IPv4 addressing and general network concepts

Knowledge of UNIX and/or Linux

PuTTY SSH client for Windows (SSH)

(ii) Routing and Switching (R&S)

This course on Routing and Switching is part of the tzNOG 2018 Workshop on Computer Network Technologies. It uses hands-on training in a well-equipped classroom over a 5- day period (max) to teach skills required for the configuration and operation of large scale networks connected to the Internet.

The topics covered include: Basic Routing; Interior Gateway Routing; BGP Exterior Gateway Routing and Internet Exchange Points between Networks.

Who should attend:

Technical staff who are now operating a wide area TCP/IP network, likely with international and/or multi-provider connectivity. Those who will be involved in the establishment and/or operation of a basic national network infrastructure in the country.


Experience using TCP/IP-based networking technologies

Workshop training fee:

The workshop participation fee will be as follows:

a) Early bird (Payment before 15th September 2018) - TZS 300,000;

b)Payment between 16th and 21st September 2018 - TZS 350,000;

c) Payment made on site - TZS 400,000.

Women are encouraged to apply (The first five (5) applicants will enter in a raffle for a prize of training fee)